FotoCeramic Memorial Plaques

We use photographs of your loved ones to create memorial photo plaques. Please contact us directly if you have any questions; we offer full support by phone or email, and can discuss your requirements in detail, as well as providing optional proof images before the memorial plaque is made.


We Guarantee:

  • Fade-resistance, our plaques will not be damaged by the sun
  • Frost-proof and weather-resistant.
  • Fast turnaround
  • Personal assistance and proof images when requested
  • Made using vitrified Italian porcelain

For your peace of mind, should the plaque become damaged, as above, after it has been installed, we will replace it free of charge.



Based in Stoke-on-Trent, since 1998 FotoCeramic has been producing digital transfers for ceramics and glass; along with our expert knowledge, we have provided custom decals to businesses, designers and members of the public. Frequently we are approached by customers that require help with producing one-off pieces; often this has meant that we have been entrusted with the creation of memorial items, in particular, memorial plaques for headstones and crematoriums.
As demand for this service increased we looked into the market and found that the public were typically under-informed or unwittingly sold inferior products. FotoCeramic Memorials was created to ensure that our customers are fully aware of their options and provided with a finished plaque that will endure for generations to come.


Beware of Cheap Imitations

Before being tempted by low-cost memorial plaques on well known retail websites, please be aware that many of these are produced using the dye-sublimation method. These are not fired and will therefore not withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and varying weather conditions.

Only ceramics which have been kiln fired up to 900°C can be guaranteed to provide a scratch-proof, weather resistant finish, and will not fade over time.

If you’re ready, go to our shop to start creating your custom memorial photo plaque.

Turn photographs into memorial photo plaques
We can edit and repair your photographs before making them into memorial plaques
We are U.K. based and produce the memorial plaques in-house
We fire the ceramic photo plaques, up to 900 degrees Celsius, to ensure an enduring finish